The Swing Riots Quirktette Band Music

Los Angeles based acoustic quirktette performing an irreverant gumbo of "Gypsy" Jazz, Romanian Horas, New Orleans Funeral Marches, Parisian Bal Musette, Russian Cabaret, Klezmer Freylekhs, Swing Standards & the occasional wild, flying monkey.

The initial inspiration for The SWING RIOTS Quirktette came from the great Rom (ethnic "Gypsy") guitarist Matelo Ferrét, who played for homesick eastern Europeans in the Caberet Russe nightclubs of Paris alongside Rom bandleaders from Russia, Romania & Bulgaria. Matelo also played Bal Musette with Jo Privat & Gus Viseur as well as Hot Jazz with Django Reinhardt and others during the 30s and 40s; naturally layering jazz chording and swing rhythm into this eastern European repertoire.With this in mind, The SWING RIOTS Quirktette perform a mix of early, traditional string-based jazz, as well as swinging eastern European traditional dance melodies. Included on our first cd are “Tears”; Django Reinhardt’s adaptation of the Sinti Rom folksong “Muri Waschella”; a Surf Medley a la Turque ending with Ottoman composer Tanburi Cemel Bey’s “Nikriz Syrto”; the perennial Rom dance hit “Opa Cupa”; assorted Romanian & Klezmer dance tunes; and a handful of New Orleans Créole Traditional Jazz numbers thrown in for good measure.

The Swing Riots Quirktette are:

•Pat Mac Swyney--Voice, Mandolin,Tenor Resonator, Tenor Banjo & Guitar

•Ben Getting--Upright Bass and Voice

•Nick Casillas--Clarinet and Saxaphones

•Leslie Yeseta--Voice and Guitar

•Adam Steinberg--Drums, Cymbals and misc. Percussions

•Jake Bluenote-- Guitar, Accordion, Banjo etc, Vocals

Alumni, Visiting Dignitaries, Wandering Dervishes:
Miamon Miller: Violin, & Voice

Linda Kodaira: Violin
Bill Marks: Guitar & Voice
Bill "Pirate Bill" Cope: Accordion & Bass
Jess Basta: Voice
Christine Tavares: Voice
Tom Schneider: Button & Keyboard Accordions, Tenor Sax